Adventures in Graphic Arts

A few years ago, I was unable to sign up for the programming class that I wanted, so opted to take a flash class instead. Other than the fact that flash basically sucks, the class was ok. More importantly, it would seem, I was induced for some reason, to spring for the Adobe Design Premium Suite. I got a sweet student discount on it, so figured it might do me some good one of these days.

One component of the suite was PhotoShop. Recently, I decided to take a PhotoShop class so I could learn to use some of these expensive, resource-hog applications that Adobe has foisted on the world. Here, you’ll find my PS endeavors. Perhaps some day, I’ll tell you what I think, and perhaps even, post some other stuff. We’ll see.

I should probably mention that setting up this site was a requirement of that class. I’m pretty sure the teacher never bothered checking out our sites. I know the young woman sitting next to me never posted anything, and I never received any feedback. Both the class and the professor were the worst I ever experienced in something like 15 years of on again/off again continuing ed courses at UMass/Lowell and Middlesex Community College. I believe this particularly inept professor was the only one I ever had who was a full-timer rather than an adjunct. Adjuncts, in Massachusetts anyway, are paid and esteemed similarly to school crossing guards. I know, I was one for a short time. All rather sad, really.

Yikes! Trying to style the font size to something readable with this theme is an adventure. With luck, I’ve figured it out.